A Little Secret Called Consolidator Airfare

Do you have any idea how much we really need to thank the consolidator airfare idea? Although most of us will make use of the consolidator airfare bargains at some point in our lives, we don’t know much about what goes on behind the scenes! Simply put, if it was not for consolidator airfare prices, we couldn’t even begin to think of inexpensive airfare bargains, not to mention enjoy the benefits of them.
The airline consolidator is sometimes called a bucket shop, or middleman, and purchases a bulk amount of tickets from a variety of different airlines. They then sell these tickets to all the major travel agencies. This means that consolidator airfares are created on top of wholesale pricing. Since they use wholesale pricing, law prohibits these middlemen from selling the tickets straight to public. This is why you will frequently find discounted prices only available through travel agencies, rather than directly through the airlines themselves.
The consolidator airfare idea is a genius creation, not only for those of us on a budget, but to the many businesses directly involved. It allows for three layers of the business ladder to make money, while still offering the lowest prices available to the end purchaser.
There are many online companies such as Travelocity, Orbitz and Expedia that act as the third layer of this business. The prices you see on their websites are not consolidator airfare prices at all. These companies need to earn a profit, so have already added their mark-up to the actual price they paid. The same falls true for business portals such as Sidestep, Kayak and FareCast.
Consolidator airfare prices are normally applied to international destinations, and not domestic flights. That doesn’t mean you cannot find bargains domestically; they are just not offered as often. Airlines can apply a much higher profit margin on the larger international flights, while still offering value pricing to the end consumer. This becomes especially true during the busy holiday travel season to warm and sunny destinations. They make money — we save money. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!
The little bitty secret of consolidator airfare pricing benefits everyone involved. Airlines have tickets purchased in bulk, keeping their flights closer to capacity. Travel agencies are able to keep clients coming through the door with discount offers. And, you the traveler, can pick and choose the perfect vacation to suit your budget.

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