Amazing Amsterdam

Simply put, Amsterdam is one of the jewels of Europe, given the beautiful and varied attractions, loads of things to do and explore, and the whole cosmopolitan charm to it. Although a bustling metropolis, the Dutch capital has retained its relationship with the old world through historical buildings, monuments and other important sites of yore. With so many of them plying on a regular basis, you ought not to miss a cheap flight to Amsterdam. Laden with sightseeing attractions, striking vistas and panoramic views, not for nothing is the place frequented by more than a thousand tourists every year.
With so much to be seen and done, you’d rather come here for the long haul. Starting with the cultural scene, Amsterdam boasts more museums than any other city in Europe. Have a dekko at the largest collection of Vincent van Gogh’s paintings in the world at the Van Gogh Museum, see celebrated works of art at the State Hermitage Museum, and take a journey between the fantastical and the real in NEMO Amsterdam, the variety just refuses to finish. How about a visit to where the Amsterdam’s heart beats? Built in the Dutch renaissance style, spend a few hours watching and feeding the pigeons at the magnificent Dam Square, visit the Royal Palace nearby, and complete your trip to this historic place with a view of the narrowest house in the world. You could also seek some relaxation in Amsterdam’s green jewel the “Hortus” or thrill yourself with a visit to the Heineken Experience.
Tantalizing your taste buds and inspiring the gourmet in you, the restaurants of Amsterdam have a way of exciting the eager beaver. And, it’s not just the upscale restaurants, the local eating joints spread all over the city come up with quite a scrumptious fare day in and day out. After seeking the various culinary delights, one can look forward to some after-the-sunset merry and mirth. Glitzy discoth?�ques, lively cafes, jazzy pubs and bars, exotic lounges and more, welcome to the world of nighttime revelry. Enjoy interesting conversations with the locals, sip on a nice cappuccino, drink a few beers and dance from dusk till dawn to some groovy numbers, there are plenty ways of keeping yourself up and about throughout the night.
Amsterdam’s events calendar inspires one to do more and more. Celebrations, fairs, festivals, music and dance shows, opera performances, theater nights, there are opportunities one too many here. The canal city caters to all kinds of tourists, be it a backpacker or one on a luxurious vacation. So, you find plenty of lavish lodgings and indulgent ways to enjoy coexisting with cheap hotel accommodations and free-for-all amusements. Last but definitely not the least in any way, shopping in Amsterdam can turn out to be quite an experience, given all the markets, malls and alleys dedicated to retail therapy. Buy souvenirs, home furnishings, gourmet food and what not at Albert Cuyp Market, pick up a designer dress from one of the boutiques at the Magna Plaza Shopping Center, or just stroll around the vast shopping area that goes by the name of Nine Alleys.

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