Cheap Airfare to India – The Land of Spices

To find cheap airfare to India, the internet is the only viable option. With the price of fuel fluctuating, so do the prices so frequency of looking is your best option. The farther in advance you look is generally the cheapest but after 2 months the savings is not significant.
There are a lot of low cost flights being advertised like the one from Kuwait Airways for $580. This is a one stop flight from JFK to Mumbai with a layover in Kuwait City. The part most of the great looking prices leave out are the taxes and fees. For this particular flight they are $280 in fees and taxes added to the ticket. This is typical and a reoccurring event in the price wars on the internet.
The taxes and fees vary from airlines to airlines. This is even if they use the same airports so the fees are just hidden costs from the airlines to get more money out of their customers without looking greedy. A good example is from Qatar Airways. The difference from the Kuwait Airways price is only $40.00 more but the fees and taxes are $398. This is a $118 increase with the same departure point and destination. The stop over is Doha in Qatar, which is in the Middle East just like Kuwait City.
There are airlines that are upfront like Emirates. Their ticket is $949 but the taxes and fees are only $92. The stop over is in Dubai. The starting point and destination is the same as the other 2 prices quoted above. This makes it evident that the taxes are close to being the same and only the fees charged by the airlines are the variant.
The three prices are $580, $620 and $949. With the fees and taxes the prices change to $860, $1018 and $1041. With the cheap airfare to India, look out for the added charges for luggage that will reduce your savings.

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