Cheap Flights to European Cities

Cheap flights to Brussels bring you to the home of the European Union. It is a place bustling with business persons and Government officials as the thriving metropolis spreads out to encompass people from every walk of life. Visitors to Brussels are sure to experience the beauty of the art and architecture of the place. They are going to be taken aback slightly at the sight of the bizarre Mannekin-Pls statue.

There are many other places worth visiting when you reach here on one of those cheap flights to Brussels. The National Opera House and many other theaters regularly host a variety of events and concerts for those needing a dose of high culture. Restaurants here promise to offer delightful cuisines guaranteed to tickle your taste buds. The city is full of energy and verve.

The best time to holiday in Brussels is during summer as in most of the European countries. However, do not bank on getting a sun bath because Brussels can get you wet any time of the year as it rains quite often and without warning.

Cheap flights to Brussels land at Brussels International Airport located 13 km northeast of the center of the city. Train shuttle services are available from the airport to the North, South and Central stations of Brussels. If you arrive in Brussels on weekdays you can use the bus service to reach the city. Private bus services, taxis and car rental facilities are also available to travel to the main city.

You are sure to find your schedule packed with sightseeing plans when you are in Brussels. There are innumerable historic buildings, monuments and museums and seeing all of them is a near impossible task. Comic book fans have a museum dedicated to comics. There is even a chocolate museum for the chocolate connoisseur. The Grand Palace is located bang in the center of the city and is surrounded by many 17th century structures.

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If architecture interests you, then the ancient Hotel de Ville is the place where you should be. It offers a grandiose vision and looks as good as the Royal Palace. Other major places of attraction that tourists never miss despite the obvious tight scheduling are the Museum of Ancient Art and the Museum of Modern Art. They both have the most priceless art treasures of Brussels.

Cheap flights to Brussels are best booked in advance if you plan to be here during the peak holiday season.