Cheap Getaways – Hotel Tips

Almost all of us have been on vacation. It used to be that you’d head on down to the travel agent and book everything to do with your holiday from the flight to the hotel to the rental car. Now days, however, with predominance of the internet, travel arrangements can be made more cheaply and quicker. You can also modify and change your plans based on your preferences – leaving the agent out of the picture.
However, many people haven’t the slightest idea how to book a cheap package holiday, rental car, hotel or airfare. Well, I’m going to give you some tips that will help you along on your journey to travel cheap and still have fun.
1) Use a service like Priceline or Hotwire. You’ve probably heard of these two. They’re the biggest when it comes to discount and name-your-own price travel sites. I do 95% of my travel bookings with these two sites. Now, both have features that allow you to book travel – BUT for the most part they keep secret which hotel/car/airline you’ll be using. This is both good and bad. You get your travel dates confirmed, but they won’t tell you what time your flight is, what car rental company you are using and where you are staying. Now for hotels you get to pick the star level and area but that’s about it. My favorite at the moment is Priceline and this has saved me hundred of dollars in hotel bills alone.
2) Be flexible. You’d be surprised how much you stand to save if you move your dates or travel to accommodate off peak travel days. Generally, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday are the days when airfare drops. The weekends are generally when your room will cost less. If you can move your travel days to match these you’ve probably saved yourself in excess of 10% right off the bat.
3) Subscribe to travel sites. Either through the website of airlines, hotels car rental places directly or though a general travel site. What happens is that these places put out information to their lists before a seat sale/room sale to alert their customer base of upcoming specials. Although they may not be as low as bidding for travel, they can add up to substantial savings.

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