Cheap International Tickets For Students – Getting the Lowest Price Airfare While You’re in School

Cheap international tickets for students looking to fly to a different country are out there, but it’s just a matter of knowing how to find them. Students are sometimes considered a ‘special fare group’ and can sometimes find incredible discounts over ticket prices for people who aren’t enrolled in school. If they know where to look, the savings can be significant. Here are a couple of tips students can use to help ensure they get the lowest prices possible on all of their future airfares.
You may have a specialized travel agent on campus
A lot of schools, particularly bigger ones, have travel agencies on campus that specialize in packages and discounts for students. Often times non-students simply don’t have access to these agencies and utilizing them can produce some big time savings, especially if you’re looking to get a trip package. These are especially good when you’re looking to go on a common ‘student’ trip, like spring break. Check with your school to find out if you have an agent on campus, or if there is an agency in town that works with students for special prices. You may be surprised how much you can save!
Get an International Student Identification CardThe International Student Identification Card (ISIC) is a great thing for any student to have for a couple of reasons. Not only will it get you discounts on a variety of different product and services worldwide, but it can also be used to get some pretty significant savings on your airfares. Sites like specialize in student and youth travel, and to get their best fares, you need to have a valid ISIC. Getting an ISIC is easy and very cheap, so inquire at your school about how to get one.

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