Cheap Travel by Association

The cheapest way to travel is to know people.
This sounds simplistic I know. Did you know that I know people from all over the world? You may as well and not even realize it!
You run into people everyday that could be potential friends, co-workers, fellow students, people you see in line at the grocery store. You need to begin looking at these people as opportunities! I am not talking about exploitation of other people by any means. It is always to your benefit in life to enrich the circle of friends you have. You will enhance their lives and yours as well.
Did you know the more people and connections you have in other countries the more opportunities for cheap travel? I think it does take a healthy interest in other people and being able to strike up a conversation with a total stranger. Have you ever been to a Chinese restaurant?, Mexican restaurant? Italian? I could go on and on. My point is no matter who you are you run into people from other countries.
I have made friends just by going going to a little Mexican Restaurant a few miles from my house. I went out of my way to be friendly, learn a little of the language, and inquire about their homeland. With a little bit of effort you can set up connections all over the world!
This article is not some slick, stat loaded, concoction churned out by some staff writer. I live and practice this art. It is a new way of life for me! It has allowed me to discover places in the world I never otherwise would have!

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