Come And Tour Monkey Puzzle Nursery

As you search the internet for information regarding child development, some of the results would pertain to proper education. Depending on their age, it would probably lead to nursery centres, particularly in some of the Nursery in Milton Keynes. All of them look too promising and too good to be true.

But not all nursery centres can give you your actual expectations. If you want your child to spend days in an enjoyable and nurturing environment, an in-depth research on what they provide is needed. Some of them include information about their teacher-student ratio, amenities, and features.

There would be many operational children Nursery in Milton Keynes. One of them is the Monkey Puzzle Nursery. Curriculum of the said nursery encourages children is very outstanding and appropriate for child development. Have a virtual tour at their school and you will definitely see the following along the way:

Proper child nutrition

They are serving food according to your child’s development needs. Fresh water and milk is always available throughout their stay. Sometimes, they provide fresh fruits during morning and afternoon session to keep them in the right track. A nutritionist has also devised their menu. There would definitely be nothing to worry about as long as they are under the custody and boundaries of Monkey Puzzle Nursery.

Learn through and while playing

They encourage children to learn through and by playing. This way, children would never feel peer pressure and boredom. No matter what the lesson may be, as long as they are taught with a combination of games, it would definitely be attractive.

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In addition, their inferiority complexes would be decreased as they play with other children. There would be opportunity for both the child and the parent to discover and meet new friends. This can help them improve their social skills.

Organized facility

Their facilities are divided into four categories: Babies, Tweenies, Toddlers, and Preschool. The Baby’s section includes a sleeping room to attend to their sleep needs. Each key person in this area can take care of not more than three babies to assure its safety and to supervise the babies and a comfortable temperature.

The Tweenies are children ages 1-2 years of age. This is where they begin to learn while playing. They also tell stories, paint, play in sand and water areas.

The Toddler is the area where children start their training in the use of potty and in reading letters and numbers. The Preschool section helps children prepare themselves to eventually go to school by helping them build social skills.

Monkey Puzzle Nursery is fully equipped with the things, which children, teachers, and even parent needs. They also had staffs that are very friendly and easy to approach. They assure you that everything would be alright. Their curriculum is designed to meet your children’s needs and expectation. They are keeping a record of your child’s development and you can check it anytime. All of these are good practices, which you might never have should you choose to invest in some lowly Nursery in Milton Keynes