Enchanting Adventure Holidays in India

Opening from the north, there are plenty of places you can travel around and create your adventure and have a more exciting activity history. Ladakh has tremendously trans-Himalayan cold desert, very often at the level beyond 5000, can be an exhilarating experience. The land, here is high and this high ground creates a stunning setting around the world, has a number of trails. Spituk to Hemis is most loved trekking in Ladakh, this route runs 105 miles along the Indus River through Markha Valley, and White-water rafting on the Indus and Zanskar river of Ladakh is a beloved activity which you can try from July to mid-September.

The Himalayan rocky geography offer immensely exciting landscape which is perfect for cycling and cycling making it one of the most unbelievable adventure sports. You can go by yourself with the apparatus and supplies on the bike or take a van with all the equipment. You must have all the appropriate tools must be made along the mountain bike expedition that is well equipped with bottle cages and water gear, bicycle helmets, water bottles, t-shirt, shorts, backpack, raincoat, would essential. Do not forget to equip the machine with multi-speed gears so you can cope with the heights of the mountains. Do not forget to bring the tools to repair if punctured. An extra set of brake shoes must also be taken. A fairly good level of fitness is also required.

If you are a starter in trekking than you can try trekking in lower altitudes like places in Himachal Pradesh, Dharamsala to Macchetear which is 48 miles, while trekking in this path you will be crossing the rocky territory of Triund fields. And if you want to go for some sizzling dummier holiday getaway then you can go for Rafting and Kayaking on the Beas River at Manali and for Paragliding at Solang and Billing in Kangra. Manali also has mountain biking very close to the Rohtang Pass. Or you can go for skiing in Auli, Shimla and Gulmarg during skiing season.

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Now let’s see what lies towards east. East of India is also full of adventure in every nock and corner. El Camino is one of very famous Sikkim Dzongri trek, the trail Dzongri Pemayangtse to cover up to 22 miles one way. Monte Kanchendzonga is considered the third highest peak in the world, 8588 m, ruling the skyline of Sikkim and West Bengal Darjeeling area. Rafting and Kayaking is popular on the rivers Teesta and Rangeet, and only allowed between October and November.

As we move towards south, Andaman and Nicobar Islands are actually the surrounding peaks of the mountain range flooded, which expand from Myanmar to Indonesia. Scuba Diving can venture in Port Blair, an island south of Andaman. In the southwestern part of India, Goa takes all the credit and this small state along the Konkan coast is an ideal home for alien traveler who wants to travel, an idyllic destination for lovers of strong emotions. In addition to the amazing beaches, Goa is a major stop for water sports like parasailing, windsurfing, sailing, taking advantage of India, is reasonably a wonderful experience that cannot be missed whither it is snow skiing in India or rafting in Ganaga.