Finding Great Airfares Online

Many people who wish to travel will want to go online to find the best deals on their desired tickets. By searching the many online travel sites, you can find all your options as well as special bargains and deals on different airfares. Here’s the best places and ways to search for great airfares:
Airline Sites
One of the first places you should search is the major airline websites. Sometimes these sites have special deals that they don’t make public. You may even consider calling to find out the best airfares for your desired destination and times.
Major Travel Sites
There are many major travel websites that are famous for letting you search for good deals on airfare, hotels, car rentals and even tour packages. Try out sites like Orbitz, Travelocity, Expedia, Hotwire, Sidestep and TravelZoo. In addition, there are sites that allow you to bid on or name your price, like Priceline.
Instead of searching the airline sites and major travel sites, you may consider using a travel site that basically searches all of these websites at once. Momondo is a good one, it searches hundreds of sites for flight deals.
Be Flexible
Often, if you are able to be flexible in your departure and arrival days, you can gain great price breaks. For instance, traveling on a Tuesday or Wednesday instead of a weekend may save you $100 or more. Also, avoid travel directly around any holidays as these are the biggest travel times of the year.
Use Your Miles
Don’t forget to take advantage of airline miles from credit cards and other rewards programs to pay for your flights. Often, you can get thousands of miles just by shopping using certain links from sites like MyPoints and then redeem the points for miles. Keep in mind that redemption of miles this way can take weeks, so be sure to allow for this redemption time.
Are you a senior? Perhaps you know someone in the travel industry? You can leverage these facts to get better deals on your airfare. Nearly all airlines offer a senior discount. If you know someone who works in travel, or even better, actually works for an airline, you may be able to travel for free or half the usual cost. Airlines have slow times during certain seasons, and during these times they offer additional discounts for certain types of travel. For instance, purchase one ticket, get another free or get a discount on travel during a certain exact period of time for travel between certain destinations. Make yourself aware of the discounts available to you.

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