Home Decorating Ideas With a Personal Touch

Home Decorating Ideas With a Personal Touch

Do you want to add personal touches to your home? Each room in your home can be more personalized. The first step to making a home cozy and personable is to have pictures of the family. Put up pictures of your kids when they were younger and your family vacation photos. If you don’t have a recent family picture, get a family picture taken! Here’s how you can add personal touches to each room in your home:


1. Have a few pictures or your child’s work on the fridge. Too many pictures or macaroni works of art will crowd your fridge and your kitchen so keep it simple and put a few up. This will make your kitchen more personable and encourage your kids!

2. Decorate your own coffee and sugar pots. This takes a bit of skill with arts and crafts, but beginners can still do it.

3. Get coasters with family pictures on it. Coasters are used on a daily basis so why not have a memory imprinted on them? You should of course have a set of classy coasters for those dinner parties and such but you use your picture coasters on a regular basis.

Living Room-

1. Have a portrait of your family in the living room. Having a few pictures of the family here and there in the living room makes it cozier but the best way to make a living room more personable while keeping it classy is to have a portrait of the family. You can find artists that do oil paintings of the family for pretty good prices. Having a painting in the living room is crucial so why not have one of your family?

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1. Rugs can completely change the look of a room. Buy a rug of your choice to personalize your bedroom

Kids Room:

1. One of the best ways to add a personal touch to your child’s room is to paint it. Let your child pick his/her favorite color and have a family painting day. Your kids will love you for letting them have a say in what their room looks like.