How to Buy Cheap Airfare the Honest Way

How to buy cheap airfare the legal way.
When purchasing airfare whether long haul or short haul flights, there are some basic tips to follow. How to buy cheap airfare the right Way may take a little bit of knowhow, but it is simple to learn.
I hear online bookings are better than travel agencies, is this true?
False. I know the best way to get those basement bargain deals is to ask or find out when their deadline is for their ads to be posted in The local paper. When you get Saturdays newspaper and you see all the travel deals, you phone to find out there all booked or sold out. The reason: They get the postings on Monday, but have to submit their ads to the local newspaper no later than Wednesday. This is so It will make it to print for Saturday. The best thing is to call them Tuesday morning. Since most travel agents are on commission, they Will be glad to try to sell you a package or airfare before it gets printed.
That is why by the time you read the paper on Saturday morning, and then call to find it sold out. I know people in the travel industry And they have told me sometime the deals are already sold even before the print deadline.
Why still run the ads if there is nothing available?
There are two reasons for this. 1) They have to keep their name in the paper so readers know they are not out of business. 2) These Agencies pay top dollar to be on the same page, week after week. So they don’t want to take a chance of losing that spot to a Competitor.
These are just some more ways to buy cheap airfare. Take your time to search and ask a lot of questions. The agents like to talk, so if You listen; you might pick up on their tricks.

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