How to Find Last Minute Holiday Bargains

It’s no secret that to get the best last minute holiday bargains, the internet is the way to go. There are pages and pages of websites that specialise in selling those last minute, unsold rooms, flights and cheap travel insurance. So with some net savvy, good timing and by following these simple tips, you will be sure to find what you need to get you out of town for the date you desire.
If you get in early enough or late enough you can often grab yourself a great bargain on hotels and flights. The travel industry is all about supply and demand, and so if you book your flights early enough you can secure the cheapest seats and if you book late enough you can swoop in on the unsold seats and hotel rooms that they will be discounting at the last minute.
There are plenty of websites to help you capitalise on this loophole in the industry.
Sometimes becoming a member of a hotel chain, frequent flyer programme or credit card reward system can benefit your travel plans. Membership gets you in on the deals for rooms, flights and bargains before the rest of the world gets a look in. Not only will you get in first, but you will also get loyalty discounts and deals.
This one is a no brainer, but try booking your holiday for the off-season. Some big cities such as Tokyo, New York and London will never have an off season because their delights are great at all times of the year. But you should be able to find out when the dips in tourism and flights occur. For example in those big cities, the middle of winter is likely to be the only time that flights might be cheap, and even then, you must take care to keep away from Christmas time. Resorts and beach holidays are also cheaper in winter time, and while that may sound silly to visit a beach in winter, in many countries close to the equator winter is not cold like in the northern hemisphere, rather it can get a little wet in the rainy seasons. So with a little careful planning and bit of luck with the weather, booking off season might work great for you and save you quite a bit of money.
Call Direct
When you have tried all the website and turned up nothing for your chosen dates to travel, why not try and contact the hotel or airline direct? Just because the discount sites have sold out, doesn’t mean the flight or hotel has been booked out, just the rooms and seats they have allocated to those companies have. So give it a go, and you might get
Compare and save
Use the comparison tool that is available on some of the online travel sites. Many of the ‘last minute’ websites offer this tool as well as many flight booking sites and transport sites. You should always compare the prices available for flights, rooms, travel insurance and even things like bus and guided tours and transfers and car rentals.

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