How to Get Cheap Airfare Using Air Passes and Frequent Flyer Miles

Two ways to get cheap airfare are air passes and frequent flyer miles. Many are familiar with frequent flyer miles but some may not be very familiar with air passes.
Air Passes
An air pass can either provide you with unlimited travel within the country you are visiting or provide you with a set number of coupons for certain amounts that can be exchanged for airline tickets. Airlines distribute these air passes but you can’t be a resident of the country the pass was issued in.
Air pass/coupon programs vary from country to country and can even be different within the same country, you have to do a little bit of research but the savings on air travel are fantastic. And to get the most out of your air passes and coupons you need to know the terms for use because buying too many or too few can cost you money since they are nonrefundable and buying them separately is more expensive.
Likewise, if you lose your air passes and/or coupons, you wont be given new ones—you will have to buy them again and that defeats the purpose of the passes and coupons—to save money. Furthermore, with passes and coupons you will have meet certain requirements to be eligible.
Frequent Flyer Miles
As you probably already know, you can rack up frequent flyer miles by using your credit card if it has a frequent flyer program and you use that credit card to shop, but you can also buy, sell, and in some cases trade miles. However, when redeeming miles there are some things that you want to keep in mind because redeeming points can sometimes be a frustrating experience.
– Call airline award centers in the morning before noon, they’re less busy.
– Book your flight using frequent flyer miles 3-6 months in advance because only a small number of seats are allotted for flyer miles and they are bought up fast.
– Be flexible with what flights you want to book using miles, and book flights that depart midweek and avoid redeeming your miles during the holiday season as you often wont be able to.
– If you can’t fly on the airline of your choice, use one of their partner airlines; but keep in mind there may be origination restrictions, blackout dates, and other restrictions.
– Request to be put on the waiting list of a particular flight so if the airline decides there are too many empty seats for that particular flight they will allow the use of frequent flyer miles for that flight.
– Be aware of the “rules” for your frequent flyer miles because you could lose them if they expire or your account is inactive, and the worst part is that the people handling the program don’t have to inform you that you’ve lost your miles. So join frequent flyer programs that you can realistically earn free travel with, stay up-to-date on the rules, use your miles whenever you can so your account stays current, and read your frequent flyer program’s newsletters for ways to earn more miles and for additional savings.
One place online you can buy and sell miles is ebay. However, they’re not easy to find on eBay because they’re actually not supposed to be sold on eBay; but people sell the miles on eBay anyway. There aren’t many who do sell miles on eBay, but if you can find them on eBay by searching words like “miles,” “rewards,” and/or “points” under the travel category on eBay you can every so often find some good deals.
Another site to check out is . Points is a site that allows you to buy, sell, and trade flyer miles. You can use your miles to shop and/or you can buy, sell, and/or trade your flyer miles with other members of Points, plus get helpful tips and advice on how to redeem your miles at Points.

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