How to Get the Seat You Want When You Fly

When we fly everyone has the favorite seat they want. Unfortunately that seat is not always available. But there are things you can do to get that desired seat if you know what to do. Here are tips on how to get the seat you want when you fly.
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The first tip to get the seat you want on the plane is to book as early as possible. It only make sense that that later you wait to book the less seats will be available.
Keep this in mind: the aisle seats are always the first to go, then the window seats and finally, the dreaded, middle seats.
Keep an eye on your email after you book your ticket and seat assignment. Sometimes changes are made with your flight. The plane can change; the time of departure can change. All of this can mean you might lose the seat you thought you had secured. If you receive a notification that there had been a change with your flight call the airline and make sure your seat has not been changed.
When booking your flight try to book online. Most services today allow you to pick the seat you want. If you book online and the seat you want is not available, call the airline directly and see if they can help you make a change. Sometimes they have seats that are not shown online. The important thing is to book your ticket and pick a seat, any seat. You can always make changes later if it isn’t the seat you want.
The week you will be flying call the airline to confirm your flight and seat assignment. Again there may have been changes you were not made aware of. If you still do not have your preferred seat this is a good time to ask for help.
The best time to call an airline for getting help with as desired seat is right after midnight. This is the time the unpaid reservations are cancelled and those seat selections will become available again. Obviously this may not be the most convenient for most people, but it does work.
When you check in you can again ask the airline agent for help in getting a better seat. Be nice and polite and often they can help you even at the last minute. Getting there early will help your chances as well.
When you board the plan if you still do not have your desired seat you can ask a flight attendant for help.
Here is a neat trick if you are traveling with another person and want the center seat to be vacant so you each have plenty of room. When you book your flight try to get the aisle and the window seat for each of you. Now that may look like you will not be sitting together, but stay with me here. The middle seat is not very desired and if the plane is not overbooked there will be a chance that no one will book that center seat. If that is the case, you and your traveling partner will still be together and have the center seat vacant, giving you each lots of extra room. If someone does show up for that seat one of you can offer to give up your aisle or window seat and switch. There is a very good chance they will switch so you and you partner can still sit together.

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