Indian Wildlife Tours an Excursion to Spot Indian Tigers

India is a land of various geography, assorted climatic conditions, and emerald forest backdrop. Astonishing India is a significance of wealthy reserve of plants and animals. The Olympian hills, azure rivers, enamoring flower basins, full of wildlife call for an exceptional wildlife exploration. The natural beauty preserved in its national parks, wildlife sanctuary, bio reserve, and natural forest backdrop.

The rising development, fast paced growth, modernity, and spreading civilization of ultra materialistic world have disturbed the ecological balance to a great extent. The result is immediately visible in the population of animals and plants life. Many species today are knocking the door of extinction and are termed as endangered species. Tigers are the worst affected of these increasing developments and are at the brink of disappearance. However, India respect the big handsome cat from ages and the Tiger is also the national animal of the nation. The government along with other departments is fighting the battle of survival of apex predators. The population of tigers in India is however satisfactory and contradictory to the St. Petersburg Global Tiger Summit that warned the possible extinction of tigers in near future. Wildlife tours of Bandhavgarh National Park, Corbett National Park, Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary, and Sunderban National Park are the best way to spot the Great Indian Tigers.

These wild reserves are a stunning protector of tigers in India. These Tigers reserve in India are heaven for wildlife adventurers and will take you across the most out of ordinary jaunt of wild safari. Bandhavgarh National Park – The 448 sq km Park is strategically located in the state of Madhya Pradesh and provides a fascinating wildlife expedition of tracking royal Bengal tigers. The major attractions apart from the Royal Bengal Tigers are Leopards, and Bears. Corbett National Park – This is the first national park is India and was named after the legendary hunter Jim Corbett. The Park is located at the foot hills of Uttaranchal and the major attractions are Tigers, Leopards, and Crocodiles. Kaziranga National Park – The wildlife park is an UNESCO world heritage site and is located at the state of Assam. The highest density of tiger is witnessed in Kaziranga in the world. The major attractions are Rhinos, Tigers, and Leopards. The wildlife tour packages are the best way to unmask the wilderness of India and the ideal time to visit the wild destinations are between the months of Octobers to June.

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