Lasting London

Easily, one of the hottest and most visited vacation destinations in the world, the capital of the United Kingdom exudes a charm like no other. Vast popularity has its advantages, one of them being cheap flights to London. When such is the case, you really don’t want to miss that flight, it’s going to transport you to one of the most happening places. The bustling metropolis of England receives millions of tourists from far and wide every year, and there are plenty reasons for that.
Starting with fact that it is a leading global city, many combine their business travel to London with a small vacation on the side, after all some play along with work makes jack an intelligent boy. Culturally, there’s much to be done and seen in the city of London, given the deep creative roots. The artistically inclined shall find a lot on their hands with museums famous, big, small and quirky, general and specialist art galleries, exhibitions and art shows.
Witness the works of man from prehistoric to modern times at the British Museum, get impressed by the Tate Modern, Britain’s National Museums of Modern Art housing precious works of Picasso as well as contemporary work, exhibitions and installations. Immerse yourself in the beauty of major European paintings at the National gallery, the entry is free here. Other prominent places where you can find great relics of history include the London Eye, Victoria & Albert Museum, Madame Tussauds and National maritime Museum. We are all aware of the fact the London is home to one of the greatest writers in the English language, William Shakespeare, and many other famous literary figures. The city’s tryst with all things creative and literary continue till date, given all the opera houses, concert halls, music production houses, theaters and cinema. Catch a live music show, enjoy the melodious sounds of the symphonies being performed, or witness drama and melodrama at a theater show.
Spend a day amidst nature, fresh air and beautiful wildlife, London boasts of plenty green and open spaces. Take a retreat at the Royal Park away from the city’s hustle and bustle, wander through lush gardens, enjoy fantastic and free outdoor art, thrill your kids at any of the various adventure playgrounds, or take a romantic walk and enjoy magnificent views at the Hampstead Heath. While London is choc-o-bloc with daytime adventure, fun and excitement, it is no less full with after-the-dark revelry.
There are multitude of entertainment venues, be it cozy or chic wine bars, drinking spots with a special karaoke places, luxury bars, traditional London pubs, late night hideaways, and pubs equipped with live DJs. For those also on a gastronomical expedition, the city is replete with restaurants producing international and authentic local flavors to tantalize your taste buds. The city welcomes all kinds of visitors, those on a luxurious vacation as well as backpackers. Hence, you’ll find both expensive and cheap hotel accommodations apart from the bed and breakfast options, holiday homes, apartments-to-rent, etc. A thoroughly vibrant and dynamic place to be in, London never ceases to amaze.

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