Little Happy Time of Lhasa Street

Bring the Lhasa home, in BaKuo street in Lhasa, you want to pick up baby, go to BaKuo street area. This piece of confused blocks as patron saint generally goes around the jokhang, the best most precious babies are enshrined in its left and right sides, for thousands of years, perennial. Nowadays, there are also a few which can provide you. BaKuoJie of accurate concepts are more than just around the jokhang 1.5 kilometers long road. Early in the 7th century after the completion of the jokhang temple, they had built four palaces, this is the earliest BaKuoJie buildings. Later as buddhist flourishing, monks, believers from the world came to jokhang pilgrimage. Thus jokhang all round year appear over 10 hotels. In the 15th century, SengShe, schools and small temples buildings also appear around the jokhang, trade fairs then gradually bring prosperity that in BaKuoJie this road for 1.5 kilometers around jokhang turn by word, not only became the oldest Lhasa streets, and become the most famous Tibetan history of fair center. In Lhasa they built their own “small Lhasa” ,this home is interesting store, the boss is interesting people. The loving couple party in Lhasa for over 10 years, from potala feet of handicraft inn to travelers bar, again from longdas hotel to today’s small 2 store? Can you stay in Lhasa widespread. these years it is not an easy thing, the reason is like, just like. The construction of small 2 like who, in new home built a wharf, built an attic in the store, personally design personally construction, what he built is not only a object, but he wanted to build their own Lhasa. Whatever things change, people come and go, no matter how changes in Lhasa, they build their own small Lhasa will not change. This shop adorn tasting is that the couple pick out, you can find some things which do not fall convention.

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The proud look of these black come from white nuranen’s confidence! The book bar located in the lane , even if it is winter, it still have many people, in addition to the simple drinks, naturally there are the books on the table, special light-box illuminate Tibet’s old photos, timber shelving medium is heavy, is crammed with books. I often wonder, since Tibet is here, all can be reached in the text, we still wanted to find what the eye cannot see in some exist, or for the reality of Lhasa flee; Perhaps we are in Tibet, there is another secret.