Majestic Malawi

Providing you with an authentic African experience, take a flight to Malawi for some great vacation time. You must believe me on this one, this beautiful African country is its warm heart ready to embrace one and all. A small yet terribly picturesque, Malawi is replete with natural wonders. Pretty lakes, stunning landscapes and an amazing wildlife has every nature lover enthralled to the hilt. It’s alright even if you aren’t that big on loving nature, the beauties and bounties of it will excite you themselves.
An immense diversity of scenery makes Malawi like a picture on canvas, full varied hues and shades. Words like colorful, vibrant and dynamic best describe the place, people and the country as a whole. Majestic highlands, plains, plateaus, escarpments, lush green forests, a vast inland sea, magnificent mountains and dramatic river valleys, Malawi certainly offers a great fare for the senses to feast on. Apart from the natural riches, the country is also pretty affluent when it comes to cultural heritage. One of its biggest assets, Malawi’s people are very warm and hospitable, and this cultural experience you shall get by interacting and mingling with them.
Interested in getting a more authentic encounter? Take a trip to Malawi’s countryside and come face to face with traditional ways of living, and local people going about their lives in a conventional way. The country has just the right mix of old and new attractions providing the discerning tourist great views of the classic and contemporary. These include specific places of cultural and historical interest, such as original mission stations, centers of handicrafts, large urban towns like Blantyre, Zomba and Mangochi replete with monuments and museums, markets, reserves, and national parks. The art-connoisseurs have a nice time hanging around Dedza, where artistic skills, both old and new, are displayed in their full glory. You can revisit the colonial era by taking a trip to agricultural estates, including Dwangwa, the Lower Shire Valley and Thyolo.
Apart from the many amazing places to visit, Malawi also offers an astonishing plethora of thrilling activities. Lake Malawi is always crowded with ardent water sports lovers and their likes. You can opt for any sport that you like and have an adventurous time doing it. Scuba dive, snorkel, sailboard, do waterskiing, kayaking, windsurfing, boating, or have fun enjoying boat trips up and down the lake. Those of you who like staying on the land and exploring earthy mysteries and beauties, take a guided tour of any of the eight land-based national parks and wildlife reserves.
Breathtakingly beautiful and a wide variety of natural wilderness environments await you there. Myriad kinds of terrain are best suited for outdoor activities, which is what you can do on a nice sunny day. Go trekking, enjoy mountain biking, experience camping joys or simply hike your way through the verdant, the choice rests with you. No matter where you go in Malawi, the country will never let you down. So, go ahead, get ready to sample a one-of-its-kind experience.

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