The Stunning City of Stuttgart

Stuttgart, Germany is a traveler favorite. This splendid city is less than an hour from the Black Forest, is surrounded by castles and palaces open to the public and offers tourists plenty of things to see and do during their visit.
If you’re not afraid of heights and would like to see a panoramic view of the area, a trip to the Fernsehturm is a great thing to have on your agenda. The Fernsehturm is a TV tower (the world’s first built out of concrete) which is open to the public. The upper observation deck is 504 feet off the ground and offers visitors a spectacular view of the city, the Forest, the vineyards and on clear days the Swiss Alps.
For the lover of flora and fauna, a visit to Wilhelma is in order. Wilhelma was originally built as a royal palace in the 19th century, but is now a zoological and botanical garden. You might want to set a whole day aside for this trip as there are over 8,000 animals from more than 1,000 different species and well over 5,000 varieties of exotic plants to see. From elephants to cacti to all four species of apes, Wilhelma has something for everyone to enjoy.
Car buffs come from all over the world to visit the Mercedes-Benz and Porsche museums. Both places are full of facts and information on the history of these beloved automobiles. The exhibits are exciting and chronicle the history of each maker from the beginning to present time.
And of course, for those who just love to walk around, shopping and doing their sightseeing by foot, the Schlossplatz is the largest square in Stuttgart, located in the city center. Here one will find the New Castle (built in 1746), Christmas Markets (only during season), the Art Gallery, and venues for concerts and ice skating.

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