Tips to Deal With Air Sickness – Tips on International Travel

Are you thrilled about your vacation but at the same time worried about traveling by air? Are you one among those who suffers air sickness? Read through this article and learn some tips to avoid and prevent air sickness.
o When booking your ticket, ask for a seat that is over the wing. The seats over the wing normally offer the most stable ride and will help you protect against the motion that causes air sickness
o Get adequate sleep the previous night
o Never travel with an empty stomach or full stomach. Eat light and healthy
o Avoid eating oily and greasy food as it normally aggravates the motion
o Wear comfortable clothes when traveling as the clothes that are tight around your waist can worsen the feeling of nausea
o Avoid alcohol and cigarettes, as they help aggravate motion sickness
o Do not read when you are on the aircraft
o Have some cold drinks, preferable which has citric or tea with lemon/ginger flavored. Avoid coffee
o Make sure that when you are seated, the air blows directly on your face
o Relax and look at distant objects but avoid excess concentration
o You can recline your seats and close your eyes. Or a better option would be to sleep till you reach your destination.
Remember the above points before you travel by air and have a comfortable journey. There are lots of drugs available that can keep away your air sickness for couple of hours, but it also has some side effects. Consult a physician before you take these medicines.

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