Visiting The Village of Lamberhurst

Lamberhurst is a village found at the distance of 10 miles towards the Eastern side of Royal Tunbridge Wells. The village is a part of English Kent County. The picturesque and naturally beautiful village of Lamberhurst was once a town known for arms making based on charcoal Wealden oaks. This business later moved to Birmingham. Lamberhurst was also known as an area of smugglers in the past. Today Lamberhurst is among the best producers of quality wine and fruit across the nation. There are a plenty of places of historical significance and cultural value in Lamberhurst. The areas of natural beauty and leisure as well as amusement opportunities are found in abundance at the small yet lively village of Lamberhurst. The transportation facilities that include Lamberhurst private car hire, taxis, vans, buses & caches are easily accessible in Lamberhurst as there are a large number of companies providing high quality transportation facilities across the village.

For the tourists there are many places in Lamberhurst that include Scotney Castle Garden which is a 14th century castle which is among the most romantic hotspots of village. The castle was built in 1830s by Edward Hussay who wished to transform the medieval Scotney Castle into a quaint ruin in order to form the focus of the beautiful lush green and picturesque landscape garden. The Scotney Castle Garden is owned by National Trust. If you are a member, entry is free of cost otherwise a ticket is required to get inside the amazing garden. The ones looking for Lamberhurst cab reservation services can make it locally as well as online conveniently before they arrive at Lamberhurst. Aside from Scotney Castle Garden, The Chequers is a classic old pub of 15th century located on the Broadway in Lamberhurst. It is a beautiful inn which houses 5 guest rooms. The village also offers Barnfield Oast, a very pleasing and remarkable 10 minutes walk across the fields to the center of the village.

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If you travel towards the West of Lamberhurst, you will find The Owl House. It was built in the 16th Century and was named after the wool smugglers who were known as the owlers in the past. There are picturesque gardens in the Own House which are open to public. Lamberhurst airport transfers are known as cheapest and cost effective. The village was a part of East Sussex as well as Kent Counties as the boundaries of both Counties ran through Lamberhurst however till 1894, but later it was declared to be a part of Kent County. CrossCab is one of the leading online cab booking companies of UK. They have been providing comprehensive online cab booking services to their customers in UK from around the world since many years. They specialize in providing all kinds of airport transfer services that include taxis in Lamberhurst to and from Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, London City, Luton and all other major airports across the nation.