Whale Watching – Exploring Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the best locations for those keen on whale watching. Being located the Indian Ocean’s protected zone of the International Whaling Commission visitors are provided with ample opportunities to observe different species of cetaceans. 26 of the identified 80 different species of cetaceans of the world are found in this area, and depending on the type one need to watch there are different whale watching regions in the country.

Point Dondra, the southernmost point of the Island, is popularly known as the main port of whale watching. And one of the best locations to start you wonderful journey is the southern town of Mirissa. The southern waters are home to blue and sperm whales and are a popular outing for visitors as well as locals who enjoy the adorable and amazing sight of these mammals.

Being a popular outing one can easily hire a well equipped boat for this exploration. And the area being the migration path for these mammals there is a 95% chance of spotting either a sperms whale or a blue whale. The best months off the southern coast are December to April, and also as it coincides with the tourist season, there will be various other activities to keep one occupied with apart from observing the cetaceans. Great beaches, ideal water conditions for surfing, snorkelling, and diving and various other attractions of the southern coast of the country have always made it a much sought after holiday destination.

For a different type of adventure try the western coast. The westerns ocean waters off the Kalpitiya peninsula are home to the friendliest types of whales: the chirpy, singing and smiling Dolphins. The famous spinner dolphins generally roam around in hundreds here and the best months for the Kalpitiya waters are November to April.

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Being a popular tourist destination, Sri Lanka hotels can easily be booked through online lodging option providers. There are various types of accommodation options to choose from and depending on one’s needs and budget there is always a lodging option. A hotel in Galle is ideal for those visiting the southern coast, and for a memorable holiday by the beach try the Era Beach by Jetwing.