Wildlife in Himachal is Exceptional

Wildlife in India is a must see experience. Himachal Pradesh, a very important region from the tourism point of view, is quite rich in flora and fauna. The region is a must see experience for the environmental lovers with the rare varieties of nature. With the touch of mountain freshness and the aroma of the flowers, Himachal remains in the memory for long. Among the major environmental attractions in the region is the Chail wildlife sanctuary. This is the major spot for the species that are endangered on the face of the earth. Here, one finds the fusion of deodar and the oak forests. One will be thrilled on seeing the superb glimpse of the Solan valley. Located on the area exceeding ten thousand and eight hundred plus acres, one will love to see the species like black bear, crested porcupine, goral, wild boar and many more. Apart from this, one can find the birds, reptiles and many other rare species in this part of the world. For the trekkers and the safari lovers, this is a special region.

Another fabulous reserve of nature in Himachal Pradesh is the Great Himalayan National park. To reach this fabulous national park, the tourist has to go to a place called Mandi. The area of this park exceeds eleven hundred and seventy kilometers. The park comes under the wildlife protection act of 1972. Apart from the richness in flora, the number of fauna species in the park exceeds three hundred and seventy five. The number of bird species in the park exceeds one hundred and eighty one. In this national park flow the three beautiful rivers like Tirthan, Sainj and Jiva. One can approach this national park from Kullu. The distance from this region to the Great Himalayan national park is sixty kilometers. In this national park, one has the opportunity to see the brown bear, rare Himalayan goat and also the snow leopard.

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The prime species in this region include Himalayan Black Bear, Himalayan Palm Civet; Hmalayan Yellow throated Marten, Kashmir flying Squirrel, Flying Fox, Barking Deer and much more. One is flabbergasted on seeing the walnut trees, the alpine trees and the snow capped peaks. One can also see the musk deer and the barking deer here apart from many other species. Move a distance of sixty five km from Dharamshala to reach the famous Pong Lake Sanctuary. The number of bird species in this region exceeds 220. In the Simbalbara wildlife sanctuary, one can find the crested porcupine. Himachal tour packages are a great option to enjoy Himachal beauty